24 Hour Emergency Electrical Service 7 days a week.
We have a fully staffed call center based in Orange, ready to handle all your needs.

Our technicians are C.S.L.T. (Certified Specialist Lighting Technician)
and accessible through our cellular network, as well as back-up pagers.

Going Green and conserving energy with Energy-Efficient Lighting is our goal. We are replacing incandescent light bulbs with new technology such as compact fluorescent which gives more visible lighting for less power and have a longer rated life. Energy Audits can be completed by our sales managers to show how much savings can be made.

- Exterior Lighting Maintenance
- Property Maintenance / Landscape Lighting
- Installations, Energy Rebates and Retrofits
- Electrical Trouble Shooting Services
- Interior Lighting Services
Monthly Service quotes are based on formulas that predicts the annual
lighting maintenance expenses