Lighting offers educational seminars for our Property Management Companies. We provide lunch in an informal setting where the Community Managers can learn and ask questions in a "hands on" setting. This has proven beneficial for the Management Companies Managers to have an opportunity to increase their knowledge about the lighting and electrical needs of their communities. We cover many different topics depending on the time of year.

In our initial seminar we begin with different types of lamps (light bulbs) used for commercial application. There are 3 different types of High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps for pole lights, bollards and wall pack's. We explain in laymen's terms lamp life (how long a bulb is rated to last by the manufacturer) then the managers are educated and can explain to their boards what to expect in terms of burn outs. This enables them to budget accordingly.



There are many different topics we cover, here a just a few :

" Insufficient Electrical Supply to Support Your Holiday Lighting "
(Aug., Sept. & Oct.)

" Unseen Decay - What to Look for in Aging Properties to Prevent Disaster "

"Device/Fixture Lighting - How to Make Sure the Aesthetics and Security of
Your Community is at 100%"

" Changing From HPS (High Pressure Sodium) to MH (Metal Halide) and Why "

" Lamp Life - How Long the Average Life Span of an HID Lamp Is & How to Budget Accordingly "